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Tips For Easier Travel With Your Little One!



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Summer is in full swing and many MAM Moms and Dads will be taking trips on planes this summer with their little one.   While vacations are supposed to be fun, preparing for the trip and the traveling can sometimes cause anxiety for parents.  Here are some tips for making the trip a little bit easier!

1-    Allow for extra time to get through the gate and in between connecting flights.  Trying to run from gate to gate with children can prove to be a difficult feat. 

2-    Try to get on the plane first and get off last.  This way you have time to get situated before other passengers get on and time to gather yourself and your little one while everyone else gets off. 

3-    Keep a pacifier, bottle, baby wipes, toy and snacks handy.  You never know when your baby will need something and having to dig through bags will only be frustrating for you.

4-    If possible travel with a lightweight stroller and leave the big, heavy stroller at home. 

5-    Bring only one carry one.  This one may be easier said than done but try to cut down on the amount of things you have so you don’t find yourself in the middle of a juggling act in the airport.

6-    Nurse, feed or use a pacifier during take off and landing.  This should help your little one with the change in pressure and the way it affects their ears.

7-    Be considerate of other passengers.   It is sometimes hard to calm your little one especially during flights but try to make an effort to calm your baby by taking them to the back of the plane to calm them if possible.

Hopefully some of these tips will come in handy during your next trip.  What are some of the things you do help alleviate the stress of flying with little ones?  Share your tips and comments with us and other MAM Moms and Dads!

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