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MAM develops safe baby products in collaboration with internationally recognized designers, medical professionals and developmental psychologists. Read MAM USA's official blog to find out more on important topics that affect your baby's wellbeing such as BPA, SIDS, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, and much more!

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MAM Anti-Colic Bottle at Walmart Contest Winners are...


We have drawn our winners to our month-long MAM Walmart Anti-Colic Bottle contest, and are pleased to announced that the following MAM Mommies were randomly selected as winners!

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Grand Prize Winner: Jennifer Taylor

Silver Prize Winner: Kaela Evert

Bronze Prize Winner:  Larissa Pridmore

Congratulations, MAM Mommies!! Your prizes will be to you and your little ones soon! To all of our wonderful MAM Moms and Dads who did not win this time, not to worry! Subscribe to the MAM Canada Blog to take part in more exclusive contests, and keep your eyes out for an exciting MAM Anti-Colic bottle sampling opportunity coming to you later this month!

Thank you all, and have a wonderful weekend!

Photo Contest for MAM Microwave-Sterilizing Anti-Colic Bottles!



Great news, MAM Moms and Dads!

To celebrate the new year and the launch of our microwave-sterilizing anti-colic bottles in Walmart (2/1/12) and Shoppers Drug Mart (3/1/12), we're hosting a big photo contest on Facebook!

MAM Anti-Colic bottles' patented bottom-vented system allows air to flow into the bottle, reducing pressure, vacuum, and air bubbles in the liquid; this is how the anti-colic bottle is able to reduce colic and gas in 80% of babies. This remarkable feature along with its simple 3-minute microwave sterilization process (no bags or additional parts required) frees both mom and baby from the stress of feeding time. This leads to a smooth, simple, and relaxed feeding experience in which parent and baby can bond.

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To enter our contest, please visit; we ask that you upload a photo of your baby looking relaxed and stress-free. Your fellow parents will vote to determine which photos most qualify- the most votes win prizes as detailed below!

Gold Prize: 25 Anti-Colic Bottles
Silver Prize: 10 Anti-Colic Bottles
Bronze Prize: 5 Anti-Colic Bottles
4th Place-20th Place Prizes: 1 MAM Anti-Colic bottle

Good luck and please comment below with your thoughts! 

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