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MAM develops safe baby products in collaboration with internationally recognized designers, medical professionals and developmental psychologists. Read MAM USA's official blog to find out more on important topics that affect your baby's wellbeing such as BPA, SIDS, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, and much more!

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MAM Discounts, Sale, and MAM Pacifier, Bottle, Teether, Oral Care, & Sippy Cup Coupon!


Happy November, MAM Moms and Dads! Holiday season is approaching quickly, and with it comes many fun MAM discounts and sales!

Enjoy discounts on MAM Products from the following fine retailers:

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Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale- MAM Personalized Pacifiers:

Freshly crowned as the Silver Prize Winner in the She Knows Parenting Awards Baby Shower Gift category, the MAM Personalized Pacifier is a hot gift item that any parent would love to find in their stocking this Holiday Season!

Picture2 resized 600

From 11/23-11/26, we are discounting this fabulous item by 25% and making shipping 100% free for you! Shop Here!

Downloadable MAM Coupon:

We love providing our MAM Moms and Dads with savings! Download a $2.00/off any MAM Product coupon HERE, and feel free to combine it with one of the above savings for some super-savings! 

Enjoy, MAM Moms and Dads, and from our family to yours, have a joyous Holiday season!

MAM Coupon for $2 off any MAM Baby Product + July MAM Discounts!


Exciting news for you today, MAM Moms and Dads! When we meet with you all and discuss life as parents to young babies, we hear a common theme: it gets e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e and you need a break! We've taken that to heart and have worked hard throughout the year to save you money with various coupons and discounts. This month, a few more MAM coupons and discounts are now available for your family to save a bit with-- without comprising your need for the highest-quality pacifiers, teethers, oral care products, sippy cups, and bottles! Check out these new MAM money-saving opportunities available now, from our family to yours.

Downloadable Coupon - $2 off any MAM Product!

$2 off *any* MAM Product coupon available for download now: Click Here! (Available on computers only)

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Discount Drug Mart| Store Locator | $3.99 for 2 packs of MAM Nipples and $5.99 for 2 packs of MAM Pacifiers!
Raley's |Present- 7/31|  Store Locator | $1.00 off

Win MAM Nature Pacifiers: Happy Earth Day!


What a fantastic time of year this is! Spring is springing and the earth is flush with new life and colors.

Celebrate the vibrance of the budding season with us by winning your baby a set of beautiful MAM Nature 0-6 month Pacifiers! If Mother Earth had a Baby Earth, we're certain that these would be her pacifiers of choice!

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This contest is a bit different than others we've previously ran; in this one, you can enter FOUR times, in FOUR unique ways:

1) 'LIKE' this blogpost from the 'LIKE' button above. 

2) Follow us on Twitter at @MAMBaby, and tweet the following to us : '@MAMBABY I just entered to #win #MAMBaby Nature #Pacifiers! You can too at ! #EarthDay #Pregnancy #Baby'

3) Follow us on Pinterest at

4) 'LIKE' us on Facebook and comment to let us know you did so. If you are already a Facebook fan, comment and let us know! Please be sure to include the name of your Facebook profile in your post so we can verify your entry.

Deadline for Entry is Sunday, April 22nd (Earth Day!) at 11:59 P.M. PST. Winners will be chosen entirely randomly and will receive notification via e-mail on or before Wednesday, April 25th. 

[Detailed Contest Information:]

Pacifiers and Breastfeeding: Soothing Facts about their Relationship


New moms are often exposed to well-intentioned but unnecessarily dire warnings about pacifiers and a rumored negative impact on breastfeeding. 

However, most breastfeeding moms use pacifiers, and even the staunchest pro-breastfeeding advocates (i.e. La Leche League and Dr. Sears) concede that pacifiers can be a huge help to the breastfeeding Mom rather than a detriment.

Babys with MumDad 001 big resized 600

Here are 6 facts that explain how pacifiers and breastfeeding play well together.

1. Babies have a strong need to suckle. 'Comfort nursing' is when a baby nurses not for nourishment, but to soothe or entertain himself (also known as 'non-nutritive sucking'). In effect, when a baby comfort nurses, he uses his mother as a pacifier. Sometimes that’s absolutely fine and a lovely bonding experience for mother and baby. However, breastfeeding moms often need to tend to many other tasks and pacifiers can assume the role of 'comfort nurser' for her. Older babies may even prefer the pacifier for this, since they can also look around and move about while they comfort nurse.

2. Pacifiers keep the peace. Sometimes your baby is hungry but you are temporarily in a situation where you cannot feed him. In these instances, the pacifier can tide baby over for a short time until you can tend to him. This temporarily resolves the problem of a screaming infant in an already stressful situation: parents can appreciate how crucial this can be.

3. Babies know the difference
. When baby is very hungry, he will no longer accept a pacifier as a substitute for the breast. As long as your baby is gaining well, you don’t have to worry that he is using the pacifier too much.

4. You can always take it away.
Babies may come to depend on the pacifier, but unlike your child’s thumb, when you decide to wean your baby off his pacifier it can easily be taken away. The thumb proves more difficult in this case.

5. Pacifiers soothe colicky and teething babies. In these situations, the pacifier may be preferable to the breast.  Sometimes colic is caused when babies cannot digest their food well, and teething babies are likely to bite or nurse in a manner uncomfortable to mom.

6. Pacifiers make sleeping safer. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends putting baby to sleep with a pacifier, as it decreases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Used judiciously, pacifiers and breastfeeding complement each other beautifully, and make breastfeeding easier for baby and mother.

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